SHREVEPORT, LA - We have so many great restaurants in Louisiana. Texas also has a healthy dose of great eateries. Now we find out some of the best Italian restaurants in the nation are in the Lone Star State and in Louisiana.


Louisiana is home to one of the best Italian restaurants in the U.S. while Texas has 3 spots on this list. Popular food publication, Tasting Table has unveiled its list of The 20 Best Italian Restaurants in the U.S..

All across Louisiana and Texas there are several amazing Italian restaurants to check out for great pasta dishes and so much more. But which ones showed on this prestigious top 20 list of all Italian restaurants in the country?

What Texas Restaurants Are Honored?

Trattoria Sofia in Houston

The menu features classic dishes like bucatini al pesto or pizza Margherita as well as lesser-known specialties, like salsa di fagioli bianchi, a Tuscan specialty made with white beans. Highlights include the pasta cacio e pepe and the chicken Parmigiana.

Revue in Austin

This communal restaurant inside the Fairmont hotel offers a fun menu that might upset Italian food purists but will delight many others, featuring fun, shareable dishes like polpettine (beef meatballs with tomato sauce), orange chicken wings, papaya salad, and spicy vodka pasta.


Lucia in Dallas

No meal should start without a platter of the Chef's Choice Salumi, a selection of house-cured charcuterie served with warm focaccia, also baked in-house. Appetizers may include creations like marinated eggplants with hazelnuts, ricotta salata, and arugula, while fresh pasta options can feature tonarelli with garlic-herb butter and shrimp, or fusilli with spicy salumi ragu and stracciatella.

What Louisiana Restaurant Makes the List

Paladar 511 in New Orleans

Italian flavors with a touch of Gulf seafood make this Marigny eatery equally comforting and daring. Menu highlights include grouper crudo with Louisiana strawberries and avocado, spring onion pizza with lardo and Parmesan, and on the pasta front, squid ink spaghetti with Gulf shrimp and Calabrian chile butter, and baked gnocchi with crab and artichokes.

Why You Should Eat Like An Italian

Want to learn how to follow the Meditteranean Diet? Follow these simple steps.

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