BESE gathers behind closed doors to talk about its leader. The panel will discuss he job status of state Education Superintendent John White.

Board member Kathy Edmonston of Gonzales says she would like the entire panel to vote to whether or not White stays in the position he’s held since 2012. White appeared on Talk Louisiana to talk about this upcoming meeting

I welcome any discussion of my status any review of our results and I'm looking forward to my evaluation

Edmonston has had public disagreements with the Superintendent, especially on White’s support for Common Core. White says he is eager to tell his story to the members.

BESE is a board of elected and to some extent, appointed individuals. They're going to weigh in on my performance. I think they're going to do so honestly and with integrity. I'm gonna keep working for them until they tell me not to.

White makes 270-thousand dollars a year is on a month to month deal since the board has not yet extended his contract. The governor has also gotten into the act questioning White's job status since he has not been confirmed by the Senate this year.

White says he will work until BESE makes a decision.

That's their power under the Constitution. It's been tested and proven in court that they have that authority and I'm gonna keep my head down and focused on the children until they tell me to do otherwise.

"I feel like BESE has been a little remiss in not addressing this," said Kathy Edmonston, who lives in Gonzales. "That is my sole purpose."

Edmonston tells the Advocate of Baton Rouge she is still working on exactly what  her motion will say. She wants to see how much support White has among the 11 BESE members.

"I am not trying to cause anything," Edmonston said.

"I feel like we are divided enough in the state," she said. "But I just feel like we have not done what we need to do as a board."

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