One of the top shows streaming on Netflix right now is a documentary series called "I Just Killed My Dad."  The 3-part documentary tells the story of the then 17 year old Baton Rouge teen-ager, Anthony Templet, who confessed to murdering his father.

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The series details the turbulent relationship between Templet and his father, and what led to the teen deciding to kill his father, Burt Templet, after suffering years of abuse.  Baton Rouge Attorney Jarrett Ambeau was contacted by a production company soon after the 2019 murder began making headlines.  Ambeau feels by viewing the series, he hopes it will help his client mend his relationship with his mother.

Ambeau says reaction to the Netflix series has been phenomenal, and he's received a lot of encouragement and compassion from viewers.  During the trial phase, Templet was offered a plea deal for manslaughter.  He was able to avoid jail time, and was given 5 years of supervised probation. The series is currently available on Netflix.

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