To many of my friends and loved ones, I am a crazy, fanatical, LSU fan. And they are right. For crying out loud, I wear purple underwear almost every day.

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But I do use logic to come to some of my conclusions about my beloved Tigers. Today's conclusion is this:

Based on opening day, LSU will beat Bama this year.

I know that's a pretty big leap, but I am so impressed by the LSU offense after watching the Tigers trounce Georgia Southern 55 to 3. I know, this was a cupcake game, but it also gave us a first look at the new LSU offense and it was pretty stout.

The Tigers ran plays quickly and they had quite a variety of tools in the tool box, scoring 42 points in the first half. We now have a true spread offense that included catches by 14 different receivers. How diverse is that?

I'm excited about what's to come for the Tigers. Earlier this summer I gave my predictions about the team, and I'm on the money so far.

So how did Alabama due against their scheduled cupcake this week? The Tide played the Duke Blue Devils and it wasn't pretty until after the first half. The Tide started off slow dropping the ball and mixing up signals before getting things into gear. Tide quarterback Tua Tagovailoa went 26-of-31 passing for 336 yards, four touchdowns and zero interceptions before being relieved late in the third quarter with a 35-3 lead.

I was not impressed with the Bama rushing attack. You must know star players Najee Harris and Brian Robinson were suspended for the first quarter, but they didn't make a huge impact once they were able to get in the game.
After judging just this weekends game for each squad, I really believe LSU will beat Alabama this year on the road in Tuscaloosa. What do you think? Am I crazy?

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