SHREVEPORT, LA – Louisiana has been graced by the arrival of “Backpacker Joe” as he is walking from coast to coast while praying for our nation. He's attending church in every city he visits.


29-year-old Joe began his cross country journey on August 29, 2023 at the Statue of Liberty in New York City. He arrived in Natchitoches Parish this week.

"Backpacker Joe" told Natchitoches Parish deputies he was walking on LA highway 1 but took a detour onto LA Hwy 493 because he wanted to see and visit the historical St. Augustine Catholic Church on Isle Brevelle before he headed north toward Shreveport.

Natchitoches deputies say when they asked "Backpacker Joe" about his travels he stated that the hospitality in Louisiana has been humbling. Folks have been giving him food, water, and even invited him into their homes.

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Who Does Joe Keep in Touch With on His Journey?

Backpacker Joe says in touch with his Mom on the flip phone he carries.

While in Natchitoches, deputies gave him a large Powerade and a Natchitoches meat pie. Joe said the meat pie was delicious and he planned to try more meat pies as he continued his journey through Louisiana.

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What Is "Backpacker Joe’s" Route in Louisiana?

Joe is continuing his trek to California by traveling on La. Hwy 1 to La. Hwy 6 and then connecting to US-71 through Campti, Fairview Alpha then through Coushatta.

Joe is asking anyone he encounters to pray for the healing of our nation.

He’s hoping to arrive in California by the end of this year.

Residents of Shreveport-Bossier are urged to keep an eye out for Backpacker Joe and show him the love of our community. He has been stopping at Catholic Churches along his route.

Where Will He Go Once Leaving Louisiana?

He will be headed west to Oklahoma City, Denver and then on to California.

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