Dhu Thompson, attorney for Shreveport's Riteway Liquor Store, explains why the City Council overstepped its authority when it voted to rescind the liquor license after numerous complaints of criminal activity at the store.

At its regular session last Tuesday (September 22) the council voted unanimously to not only revoke the store's license, but to also suspend the use of the Dr. Martin Luther King Drive property for one year.

A Shreveport Police records show criminal activity on the site included two homicides, four shootings, two armed robberies, five assault and batteries and sales of illegal narcotics. The SPD conducted an investigation following complaints by numerous area residents. At Tuesday's meeting several provided testimony, confirming, in the eyes of the council, the criminal activity at the location.

But Thompson, who will seek an injunction blocking the council's decision, disagrees with the revocation. "As we argued to the city council - and we'll continue to push forward in our district court appeal - that there was not any evidence produced by the council...that showed that my client was connected in any way, or did anything to encourage the criminal activity that took place on hi premises.;

"If anything," he continues, "He was making service calls to get the loitering and other incidents off his property. (Now) he's being punished for having such a high amount of calls."

"If this is the standard," Thompson says, "I fear for many local business owners It is extremely unfair. Punishing an individual that just owns the building and leases it to a tenant , I think that's grossly unfair and I think the district court is going to give remedy to the property owner, as well and it sets a horrible precedent and standard."

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