A suspect has been taken in to custody following a call to Shreveport Police Thursday (7/29/21) night about an armed individual in Christus Highland Medical Center.

Over 19 police units were dispatched to Christus Highland Medical Center after the call came in about someone brandishing a gun in a private office section of the medical complex. The hospital was placed on lockdown by Shreveport Police, while Officers with rifles swept the building. Just before 9pm Thursday evening the medical complex was cleared, and the suspect had apparently fled.

Friday, (7/30/21) Shreveport Police were able to obtain the identity of the suspect and procure a search warrant. Upon arrival, the suspect fled in to the area of the 600 block of Turtle Creek, near Millicent Way. Police were able to corner the suspect in to a residents back yard, where the suspect was captured.

Witnesses on the scene saw the suspect being carted away in an ambulance. No word yet on how the suspect was injured in the chase. The suspect will be transported to the hospital to be treated before being booked.

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