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Chevyland's Steve Horn, who doubles as President of the Shreveport - Bossier New Car Dealers Association, talks about the effects of the pandemic on the car industry locally and how those figures compare to those across the nation.

"It's been a crazy year, unlike any other," Horn says, describing the car business over the past twelve months. "It's been a scary ride, but things are getting much better. There are a lot of positive things going into next year, but it has been something else."

And how did the restrictions put in place - especially the lockdowns in March and April - bring change and adaptation to the business? "Lots of adaptation," Horn emphasizes, especially doing more and more business via the internet. "Part of that has been the evolution (of the auto business). Digitally, information sharing, gathering and exchange, we had to pick up our skill sets a little bit."

Ans then horn talks numbers, specifically the big second half rebound. "We were down 39% in April, but we're down 11% for the year, so the last few months, at least locally, have been pretty good months in terms of a comeback."



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