One website wants us to believe that these iconic locations are actually tourist traps. Let's see if you agree.

I grew up in a small town in California. How small? Our school district was proud that my class graduation size was 48. We had a love-hate relationship with tourists in our tiny town. On one hand, they kept us thriving. On the other, we got sick of people stopping off on the side of the road just because they saw snow or apples they wanted to pick.

What I'm trying to say is that we all know the "touristy" areas in our city and/or state. Can you name a few in the Ark-La-Tex? What might surprise you is that those areas that draw large amounts of tourists may actually be tourist traps.

At least that's what wants us to believe.

The website posted a list of the "Worst Tourist Traps in Each State." The jury is still out on whether or not authors Amy Daire and Sophie-Claire Hoeller have actually traveled to each of these locations, but for now we will just go with it. It seems to me that they took some of the most iconic locations of each state and tossed them into the shredder.

Here are their picks for worst tourist traps for each state in the Ark-La-Tex.

Arkansas: Crater of Diamonds State Park

Their reasoning is that it's a field of dirt. However, I don't see a field of dirt, I see opportunity. This place is all about the possibility, the idea of treasure hunting. Besides, it's been open since 1906 so you tell me if it's just not working for the public.

Louisiana: Bourbon Street

*gasp* Sure, I've heard stories about Bourbon Street smelling foul and feeling dirty, but isn't that why we go? These two women are offended by the "neon signs advertising cheap, tacky bars" that only "line a street that's full of drunk people..." Hey, if you're the designated driver, of course it's not going to be as fun, but good travelers find a way to let the good times roll anywhere they go.

Texas: The Alamo

If you're still reading, these ladies just took it to that level. They claim that the only thing you'll remember about the Alamo is to never go back. I'd crack a joke about these ladies never reading a history book, but I'm afraid it would go right over their heads. Stick to selfies and SnapChat, sugar pies.

I'll also add that Amy and Sophie-Claire also attacked Graceland in Tennessee, The North Pole in Alaska, the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California, and Times Square in New York.

Do you agree or disagree?

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