Roy Lang from The Times talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright about the state of the NFL, are the Saints the best team in football and are Dak and the Cowboys good enough the win the NFC East?

Lang weighs in on the "the new NFL," i,e, the high scoring, wide open football seen in Monday night's 54-51 Los Amgeles victory over Kansas City. "No doubt it's higher scoring and that's because of some of the rules instituted," says the veteran writer. But he also opines that those rules were put in place to address the issue of player safety. "It's something that had to be done," Lang says, "We're talking about peoples' livelihoods...and lives."

Lang also talks about the Saints, saying that veteran QB Drew Brees is playing better than ever. "At 39, he happens to be at his best and most accurate, which is incredible." And he sums of this year's Saints, saying, "The Saints are that good! The problem with the Saints is...they can't wait until January gets here. If the playoffs started right now, the Saints would certainly have to be the favorite."


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