Drew Brees finally got the proper 'Who Dat' send-off that he deserved.

After the Saints fell to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a heartbreaking playoff loss last season, we all remember Drew taking that look back into the dome one last time before heading into what would eventually become retirement from football and a new career in broadcasting.

Perhaps the saddest part about that scene was the fact that he walked away from the game without the 70,000+ fans that would usually be in the Superdome due to COVID restrictions that forced teams to play in quiet stadiums all season long.

Divisional Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
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One thing that I was surprised to find out was that when Drew returned to the Ceasars Superdome as a color analyst for the Thanksgiving matchup between the New Orleans Saints and the Buffalo Bills on NBC, it would actually be his first time back in the dome since he exited the building after that playoff loss.

While the injury-riddled Saints didn't give fans much to look forward to, there was a buzz of excitement surrounding that late Thanksgiving day game because everyone knew it would be a special day for Black & Gold fans—especially those who loved Drew Brees.

As the Saints went into halftime, the excitement began to build. When the lights went down, the cheers from the crowd began to crescendo. As Drew walked out onto the field, the applause hit a fever pitch.

Buffalo Bills v New Orleans Saints
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Brees could have easily spoken for hours and Saints fans would have hung on every single word, but his message to the 70,000+ in attendance was short but sincere—after all, halftime is only so long plus he had to get back to his job in the booth.

But not before revisiting a tradition that Brees brought to the Saints franchise back in 2010. On September 7 of that year, Drew personally reached out to the media to share an idea that he and the team had come up with to help engage the fans prior to kickoff at every home game.

Two days later, it was clear that Saints fans got the message. Loud and clear, to be exact.

Over the next decade, there would be plenty of 'Who Dat' chants, led by plenty of players and honorary captains to kick off home games in the dome—but last night, Drew got his chance to lead the chant he created "one last time."

Here was my shot from the crowd, where the chant was almost deafening from all the fans shouting in unison.

Super Saints fan Jono Barnes shared this video of the entire gameday experience leading up to the special moment, including the dome being lit up in honor of Drew as well as special gifts and towels to commemorate the big moment for Brees.

Enjoy the full video tribute along with Drew's speech and his final (for now) 'Who Dat' chant.

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