What a difference a day makes! If the old saying is true, just how big a difference does fourteen years make?

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Using the incredible technology that Google Earth provides allowing us to dial the clocks back to the year 2007, we were able to highlight some amazing changes in scenery to the geography of the Shreveport and Bossier City areas.

Of course, it's somewhat bittersweet to see areas that were once home to pastureland and cotton fields now crowded with shoppers and hungry restaurant patrons, but progress comes at a price.

What If We Could Go Back Even Further?

I only wish we had been able to dial the clock back even further than 2007. We could have gone back to the days when we watched model airplanes being flown over the fields where now sits a Home Depot and Walmart in Bossier City.

We could travel back to a time when there was a small vegetable stand alone in a block of woods just north of I-220 in Shreveport where there now stands a large Brookshires.

Maybe we could go back to early that dreadful day in December of 1978 and watched a movie at the old Don's Drive-In in Bossier City. Now, sitting in the same spot is Pierre Bossier Mall and Drew Brees' new Surge Entertainment.

Change Isn't Always A Bad Thing

Again, progress comes at a price, but it's not always a bad thing. That Surge Entertainment looks like it could be the next best thing since peanut butter found jelly.

Just see how many of these places you might be able to remember and then see how they look now. It might just amaze you!

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