About 6 months since a woman was banned from the Wichita Falls, Texas Walmart for drinking wine out of a Pringles can, another woman in Wichita Falls has been banned.

The USA Today network is reporting that the Wichita Fall Police Department were forced to ban another woman from the store after she ate half a cake and refused to pay. The Police say the woman entered the Walmart on June 25th around 8pm, and started eating the cake in the store.

Unlike the woman and the Pringles can from 6 months ago, the cake woman was still in the store as police arrived. The Pringles woman had to be located at a local restaurant when police arrived.

When the first story broke from Wichita Falls in January, the story got national attention. With parody songs online, and even a bit on late night TV from Stephen Colbert.

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