A woman who claims she was an employee of the Walmart store in Carencro, Louisiana is the star of a gone-viral-video in which she blasts her bosses and quits her job...all while on the stores public address microphone.

Beth McGrath, an employee at the Walmart in the small Louisiana town for almost five years, posted her tirade against "the man" earlier this week. In barely forty eight hours, the occasionally profane diatribe has gained views totaling well into six figures, plus plenty of support from viewers of the vid.

Among other accusations, McGrath claims her store manager is "a 'pervert."

But that's just the beginning. She then unloads on the whole company. "Shame on y'all for treating your associates the way you do," she says, "I hope you don't speak to your families the way you speak to us."

Then hitting her stride, she continues, "I'm tired of the constant gaslighting. This company treats their elderly associates like s**t!"

McGrath wraps up her Norma Rae-like rant with praise and admiration for her co-workers. "Walmart doesn't deserve y'all," she exclaims.

According to WBRZ, McGrath "has since made up a follow-up video where she thanked everyone who encouraged her on social media. In it, she says, 'Do not be afraid to speak your piece, even if it tears you down first. Thanks guys,' said McGrath, holding back tears."

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