SHREVEPORT, LA - Amazon is testing out AI autonomous robots at its plant in Houston. This robot is called Proteus and can take on highly repetitive tasks to free up employees to do other projects in the plant. Could this new technology be used in the Shreveport facility?


KEEL News asked a company spokesman about this possibility and we were told "the Shreveport facility is slated to be a robotics facility, so it is possible it could be equipped with this system once the local plant launches."

Amazon has launched a new robotic system just in time for the holiday shopping rush. This system is call Sequoia and it’s now up and going at the fulfillment centers in Houston, Texas.

This project focusses on the company's first autonomous mobile robot, Proteus. A company spokesman says "we’re excited to see the impact our technology is having in Amazon’s operations. We now have over 750,000 robots working collaboratively with our employees, taking on highly repetitive tasks and freeing employees up to better deliver for our customers."

The company has already been using robotic arms like Sparrow and Cardinal. This Sequoia robot system will let the company identify and store inventory up to 75% faster than they can currently do.

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When Will the Shreveport Plant Start Hiring?

The goal has been to start staffing the local plant during the first quarter of next year. But we have not gotten an update on the hiring plan. We do know Amazon will pay a minimum of at least $17 an hour to all full-time, part-time, temporary, and seasonal employees across the U.S. The company average is more than $20 dollars an average across the nation.

No opening date for the Shreveport plant has been set yet.

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