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You might recall the horrifying story we reported on a couple of weeks ago regarding an alligator attack on 71 year old Timothy Satterlee, Senior, from Slidell, Louisiana.

It was the day after Hurricane Ida made landfall and Satterlee's wife reported that an alligator had bitten off the arm of her husband and after going to find help she discovered that the alligator had attacked again and Mr. Satterlee was nowhere to be found.

In a story just released from the Louisiana Radio Network, we learn that St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Randy Smith promised the family they would do all that was possible to locate the body of Mr. Satterlee.

According to St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office Captain Lance Vitter, it looks like the Sheriff has made good on the promise. Vitter says, “Sheriff Smith vowed from the very beginning that we’d do all we could to either find Mr. Satterlee or find the alligator. Hard work and persistence and of course some luck, this alligator was able to be captured."

The 504-pound alligator suspected of killing Mr. Satterlee was located just yesterday, Monday, September 13. After capturing the gator, it was killed with permission granted by wildlife authorities.

It was then that they discovered what appeared to be human remains inside the alligator’s stomach. The Sheriff's Department will now work with the St. Tammany Parish Coroner’s Office to verify that they are those of Satterlee.

Just a personal observation here, but if they are human, and not the remains of Satterlee, this could be the start of another investigation.

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