Last week's snow storm (well, it was a storm to us) caused a lot of inconvenience across the southern part of the US, and not only in Louisiana. But put out as thousands and thousands may have been with school and business closings due to wintry precipitation, some found a way to bring a little fun to the ice and snow.

What would you do if you were at the wheel of great big pick-up truck and you were looking down an icy, snowy and best of all, empty street. Why, what red-blooded American boy wouldn't speed up, cut the wheel and spin all over the place?

facebook / jonesboro police
facebook / jonesboro police

And then, out of nowhere, come the cops.

That's exactly what happened in Jonesboro last Thursday morning. The Arkansas town of about 75,000 first got a layer of ice (over an inch), then topped it off with an additional two-and-a-half inches of snow.

And in Arkansas, just like everywhere in the South, when there's snow on the ground, it's "hold my beer" time.

Sadly, for our Jonesboro daredevil, the fun didn't last long. One quick run (and one big circle) up a deserted main street and here come the cops in hot / cold pursuit. And the chase? Well, it didn't exactly live up to Bonnie and Clyde, Bullitt or The French Connection. In fact, after thirty seconds of glory, our Arkansas' Evel Knievil turned into Hoke driving Miss Daisy.

A quick turn onto a side street to await his fate and the morning's excitement ended as suddenly as it began.

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