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There haven't been many silver linings for bars and restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic. Many have ended up closing throughout the State of Texas and even here in Lubbock we have seen our fair share of closings.

But alcohol to-go might just be that one issue that the industry points to as a success story in 2020 and 2021. And during the 87th Texas Legislature, alcohol to-go is on it's way to becoming a new state law.

According to the Texas Restaurant Association, the bill to keep alcohol to-go was filed in January and it enjoys the support of Texas Governor Gregg Abbott. If the bill is passed, it could help 50 percent of Texas Restaurants according to the TRA.

Alcohol to-go has also been a good policy for places like Two Docs Brewing in Lubbock. According to, Two Docs has benefitted greatly from the policy.

Similar to the alcohol to-go, Two Docs Brewing has been able to sell their beer to-go and can their beer. Because of its popularity, it is now almost 50 percent of their business.

“It gave us the ability to sell something. I mean for a period there–I mean multiple months–we were completely shut down,” said Managing partner at Two Doc Brewing, Eric Washington.

Washington said if this law could help restaurants survive, it should be passed.

“You are able to buy the product with another realtor, and I think that any business should be able to sell their product in package form,” said Washington.

There is no guarantee that alcohol to-go will pass in the legislative session, but given that it's a pro-business policy that enjoys the support of Governor Abbott, chances look good.

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