There's a new political commercial that has gone completely viral, at least in Shreveport-Bossier. The :30 television commercial shows Adrian Perkins sitting in a classroom, where you hear a voice over the intercom 'calling him to the office.'

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What's remarkable about the ad is the technology that's being utilized.  This isn't a look-a-like actor, this is Adrian Perkins' face that has been super-imposed over an actor playing the part.

And as entertaining as the commercial is, it is also scary.  The technology, referred to as "Deep-Fake" technology seamlessly places another face over the existing one and it moves, speaks, blinks and talks as the original.  Video evidence is rapidly coming to the point where it won't be admissible in court.

Brian Heiss/Facebook
Brian Heiss/Facebook

Many of us remember during the OJ Simpson trial there was a question as to OJ's shoes. There were pictures of him wearing Bruno Magli shoes, but then the same picture with Photoshopped versions of OJ wearing everything from the Bruno Magli shoes, to slippers, golf shoes, to clown shoes.  And they all looked legit.

Now, that technology has progressed to the point where someone can take a photo or video of you and recreate your image and voice to say whatever they want you to say. I'd say be careful about what you say... but it doesn't matter... they can change it anyway.

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