Adrian Perkins

Every now and then you wanna have a little fun at the office. We do that a lot around here.

But some people got really upset when I posted a poll about the Mayor's beard. It's not breaking news. It's not hard hitting journalism. Nope. It's not. But it was something that made me smile to see our Mayor tell people not to "adjust your TV, I finally found my razor." We see him all clean shaven and baby faced. It was a completely different look and changed his face totally.

So we asked you if he should stick with the clean shaven look or grow the beard back. At latest check, 74% of you like Perkins with the beard. So he sent KEEL this email the other day.

"Loved this and am growing my beard back as we speak because of your poll."

It's nice to see the Mayor has a sense of humor too.
Here's the poll in case you want to chime in:

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