WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

These abandoned places videos are a great watch. Sometimes creepy, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes both! But even though these videos are entertaining and interesting, we can't recommend trying this yourself.

In may cases the people behind these videos have permission to be on the grounds where they are filming. Otherwise it's considered trespassing and can at the very least land you a hefty fine!

After some digging I was able to find some of the abandoned properties and places in Shreveport on TikTok.

Theodosia Mansion



The Theodosia Mansion is the former home of Shreveport Mayor Reuben Neil McKellar who held office until 1900. He later served as the Shreveport Street Commissioner and as the Shreveport Commissioner of Streets and Parks. This video showcases the mansion's old-world architecture as well as a huge cistern in the back of the home

Fair Grounds Field


We're all aware of the saga that is/was Fair Grounds Field. Since 1986 when the field first opened, it was home to the Shreveport Captains, then later, The Swamp Dragons. After a slight renovation in 2009, it sat dormant since 2011. The city decided to level the Baseball Field in 2022.


Old Union Mission Baptist Church

This is a VERY old church. Built in 1907, and as the video says, it was abandoned due to a sewage pond being put so close to the building that the smell drove them to relocate. Sad.

The Old A-Truss Bridge


This old bridge can still be seen stretching over the Red-River from Downtown Shreveport. According to the guy who posted the video, it's only one of two of it's kind left standing in the world!

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Treehouse Cabin on Cross Lake

Photos from the 'Treehouse' cabin on Cross Lake in NWLA available for rent via Airbnb.

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