Sunday is Mother's Day and it's the day we honor Mom. It's typically the busiest dining out day of the year, but things will be different this year because of COVID-19.
I honor my Mom every year with a letter to give her an update on my life and let her know how much I love and miss her.

Justine McCarty

Here's that letter:


I don't really know how to describe this year to you. It's been crazy. We have been under this stay at home order since the middle of March because of Coronavirus. I am so thankful every day that you are not having to struggle through this. It would be nearly impossible for you, the social butterfly to stay home away from your friends and family.

My boys are both ok. They are very successful and charming men. You would be so proud of them. All of your grandsons are doing great. They, too, think of you often and miss you. You were such and inspiration to them all.

I missed you last summer when I was honored by my colleagues and won a trip to New York. So wished you could have been there with me. Michael accompanied me and loved showing me all the sites of the Big Apple. We talked about you so much.

My mornings are filled with thoughts of you. I miss your ever present smile and your gorgeous blue eyes that always welcomed anyone in your circle. As I age, I'm trying to be more like you and see the goodness in everyone. I do heed your advice and always try to be kind to everyone. This is the 5th Mother's Day I've been without you and it really doesn't get any easier. I miss your hugs, the days you would brush my hair and the mornings we would lay in bed reading or talking. I also miss the warmth of holding your hand as we fall asleep.

I'm reaching out to you today to hold your hand again and tell you I love and miss you so much.


I struggled to read that on the air this morning.

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