Most kids Oliver's age are obsessed with Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Ironman. However according to 6-year-old Oliver "I don't need Superman, Spider-man or Batman." all he needs? Police Officers. Oliver convinced his parents to set up a stand to treat all of his local heroes in the area to donuts and lemonade!

Oliver has had over five different police officer uniforms because he uses his uniforms any chance he gets. I have seen kids loosing their cool at Disneyland when they meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse, however I have yet to see a kid jump up and down when Police officers show up to hang out over donuts and lemonade. Over 100 Police officers showed up to have donuts with Oliver and his friends and family.

According to Officer Down Memorial Page 106 Police Officers have died in the line of duty in 2017 alone. Hopefully this morning full of admiration, donuts, lemonade, and smiles helped make the police officers day. Now if only we could have as much enthusiasm as Kansas native Oliver Davis has when it comes to going into work!

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