It's almost here! Santa Claus makes his world famous flight late Friday night and Saturday morning, kids all over will wake to find the gifts they've dreamed of for the last several months.

However, Bossier Parish Sheriff's Deputies, Bossier City Police, all law enforcement of Bossier Parish will wake to find a different kind of Santa Claus Saturday.

He's Don Tubbs, owner of Tubbs Hardware and Cajun Gifts on Benton Road in Bossier City. For as long as I can remember, Don wakes up bright and early Christmas morning and leaves the comforts of his warm, cozy home, so that he can go fire up the Big Green Eggs at Tubbs and provide a free meal to all of Bossier Parish's law enforcement.

As a reserve Bossier Deputy himself, Tubbs has experienced the Christmas holiday while out in a patrol car. He says, "It occurred to me that these brave men and women who are working on Christmas leave their families and those wonderful meals prepared specifically for this day, only to find themselves in search of something to eat, and nearly every place is closed."

So, from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm on Christmas Day, Tubbs and his staff at Tubbs Hardware and Cajun Gifts will provide an incredible, homecooked, FREE meal for all law enforcement in Bossier Parish.

He calls it "Back the Bossier Parish Blue" and officers and deputies working to protect us all on Christmas, have come to expect the kindness of Tubbs and he never fails.

Tubbs also mentions that any person who might like to stop by and drop off other goodies for law enforcement is certainly welcome. It could be candy or cards or just a THANK YOU for the job they do.

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