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In a story we first read about from, we find that not all fifteen year old boys are locked away in their rooms playing video games during this COVID pandemic. Some are actually out on the lakes fishing and taking the time to become a super hero while rescuing the life of a police officer.

This all took place on Lake Tuscaloosa in Alabama early on a Sunday morning.  Grady McClendon, just 15 years old, discovered a boat that had caught fire and immediately called the Tuscaloosa Police.

An officer arrived and after Grady showed him where the blazing boat was located, was attempting to tow the boat to shore when the fully engulfed boat sank.

As Grady looked back he saw a big puff of smoke, and the officer was waving for him to return. Hurrying back, the young man discovered that the sinking vessel had also pulled the officer's boat under.

The teen then pulled the officer into his craft and immediately took him to the Police Station on the lake and as he put it "went on about my day."

But that wasn't the end for the police officer or for Grady. The 15 year old says he got a phone call from the officer later on:

He thanked me for what I did and I sent him some of the pictures of the boat....but he's called me several times and we've talked about the incident since it happened

The young man goes on to say:

Anybody put in that position at the right time to do the right thing, is going to do the right thing.  In my opinion, I was that that one person who was put in that position and I just did the right thing I guess.

Guess this shows us that just about the time you begin to think that the latest generation is going to let us all down, there's a kid like this young man proving that there's some good in all generations. We're just thankful he was "the right person, at the right time."

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