I moved to Shreveport in 1984 and I have fond memories of so many businesses that no longer exist.

Here's my list of the top 5 businesses I'd like to see back in Shreveport Bossier.

Hamel's Park

This was a joyous time for my boys when they were growing up. My youngest son is the daredevil in the family and he always wanted to go on the roller coaster or the log ride, while my older son would have nothing to do with the scary rides. We did spend many an hour riding on the Yo Yo and that glorious train. I smile just thinking about the splash down from the log ride. So many great memories.

By the way, the roller coaster is still in use today. Take a look at this familiar ride which is now at Fun Plex in Omaha, Nebraska.

George's Grill

It is tough to put just one or two eateries on this list, but this landmark brings back so many fond memories for me. George’s Grill hasn't been closed long, but I sure miss it. This is where you could get a great breakfast or lunch without breaking the bank. It also has special place in my heart because my oldest son surprised me while I was eating at George's one day. He was in his first year in the Marines, but he popped up for a Christmas visit and walked right up to my table. Tears were flowing.



The other restaurant I would have to put on this list is Nanking which was on Milam Street downtown. It was the go to spot if you had business to take care of downtown. No one has fried rice that compares to the Nanking variety and the egg rolls were also a special treat.


River Rose

We did not get to enjoy this outing very often. My boys were too young by the time the boat set sail, but on the few times we did take the ride, they had a blast. The boat was big enough to let them run around, but they could also not get into too much trouble. They learned all about paddle boats from the Captain and even got to take the wheel a time or two. We do still have the Spirit of the Red in Downtown Shreveport and I encourage you to take your children on a trip down the Red. It is so educational.


Discovery Zone

This was another great place to take the youngsters. The best way to describe this is a super-sized playland. It had ball pits, tunnels,slides, rope climbs and all the things little boys and girls loved. It was in Shreve City and could wear a child out in no time. My boys would start to slip off their shoes in the parking lot as the excitement built on their faces the moment we pulled up into that parking lot. Some days I would even get in there and climb with them. I could never win a game of hide and seek in that giant kid maze. They knew all the great hiding spots.

What's missing from my list? What business would you like to see included?



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