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You've definitely watched a movie or TV show before that has "Based on a true story" attached to it. Because it's one of the best marketing tools that producers can use to get attention for their project. Most of the time the theme is used in horror and thriller movies, and not romantic comedies, because it just works better. Although I would be interested to see who you'd make "Based on a true story" work with a Rom-Com...

Anyway, a lot of the time, people just roll their eyes at "Based on a true story" now, because we know these studios like to embellish that.

State of Florida Corrections
State of Florida Corrections

But what happens when those "true stories" that your movie or TV show are based on, happened around where you live? Does it make you more interested? Or would it ruin it altogether, because you're more aware of the real true story? Because after all, even if a movie is "based" on true events, they have to up the entertainment value by adding to whatever true events they're building on.

Well, we can find out what you think, because we've got a handful of movies that have been influenced by local events and people.

Here are some examples of "based on true story" movies created on stories from the Ark-La-Tex:

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These movies are either based on murders that took place in the Ark-La-Tex, or are based on people from the Ark-La-Tex area.

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