Shreveport Police Chief Alan Crump and Deputy Chief Bill Goodin joined us for a full hour to talk about crime in our city and discuss possible solutions.

This video has our full interview and you will also get a sneak peak behind the scenes (things that happen when we are not on the air).

This is the entire video of the hour, but I'll give you a summary of what we talked about and let you know where you can find these segments.

At the 10:25 mark, we asked Chief Crump if Shreveport has a crime problem and how he sees our crime problem. The Chief says crime is up across the country and Shreveport is no exception.

The Chief talks about the proliferation of guns in our community. At the 11:30 mark, the Chief says  "the access to guns is far more easy than is was 10 to 15 years ago." The Chief also talked about bringing in more officers and finding ways to pay them better. Check that out at about 16:45 on this video.

What are we doing to fight the growing crime problem? That was a question asked by several KEEL listeners. Chief Crump talked about what is billed as "Operation Long Haul" which will target specific neighborhoods that are having specific crime problems. We talked at length with the Chief about this effort at 35:00., The Chief talks about efforts to work with several agencies to combat crime problems in our community.

In this video you will see and hear everything, even what goes on when we are not on the radio. We kept it clean, but you will see what goes on behind the scenes of our radio show. You might find some of this interesting or you might find it very boring. Your call.


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