The Shreveport City Council is looking at a measure to approve a 30% pay raise for the Mayor. The Council will also take a close look at approving a 70% pay increase for members of the Shreveport Council. If approved, these increases would not go into effect until the beginning of the new terms of the Council and Mayor at the end of 2022.

Councilmen John Nickelson and Jerry Bowman have teamed up to put the pay increase proposals before the council.

The mayor’s salary would jump from $96,000 dollars to $125,000 dollars plus benefits including a car allowance. City Council members would receive $25,000 a year, up from the current $15,000 per year. The last time changes were made to the pay for the Council and the Mayor was back in 2002.

Guidelines set up in the charter say no change shall be effective during the term of office of the current Mayor at the time of the change and no change can be made during the last six months of mayoral term.

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Here are the latest numbers we could find for salaries of other Mayors in Louisiana:

Sharon Weston Broome of Baton Rouge $175,000 

Latoya Cantrell of New Orleans $174,000 

Friday Ellis Mayor of Monroe $141,000

Josh Guillory Mayor President of Lafayette $125,385

Lo Walker of Bossier City $94,000

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