A number of videos of New Year's Eve in Shreveport - all of them featuring hundreds of rounds of gunfire - were posted on social media over the weekend. If you haven't hear, get ready to be shocked.

As 2020 came to a close, a number of videos were posted on social media, all with one thing one common, the constant sound of blazing gunfire.

Says one local resident, practically shouting over the nonstop blasts, “We are in Ingleside, Shreveport, Louisiana. Two minutes before midnight. New Year’s Eve! Y’all think 2021 going to be better than 2020?”

Ironically, just a couple of days earlier, Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond called on citizens to avoid celebrating the new year by firing off weapons, but, as is plainly - and sadly - clear on the audio, hundreds of frighteningly close rounds can be heard in the moments leading up to midnight.

While there were reports of shots fired well into the morning hours and numerous calls to SPD, Shreveport Police say there were no injuries as a result of what had to have been thousands of rounds fired across the city.

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