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People like to sound cool. So sometimes they say they've done things, or like things, or love things...even when it's not true. All because they want to sound cool to someone.

Movies are a big victim of this. People say they've seen movies they haven't, or absolutely love movies that they still haven't finished.

Or maybe its just the Mandela Effect.

Whatever the reason may be, people lie about seeing movies all the time.

From my personal experiences, my fellow millennials seem to be exceptionally bad about this. I don't know how many friends I've caught in this scenario, but it's a lot. It's not all malicious either. Sometimes they get movies mixed up, or they just know a lot about the quotes from these movies, but sometimes they just don't want to seem uncool.

Based on personal experiences, and some info I found online, I feel confident that there are a lot of millennials out there who have lied about these 12 movies...

12 Movies Millennials Lie About Watching

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