While most were shooting off fireworks in celebration of the Fourth, some folks in Shreveport were firing off guns in anger. A dispute between a large group of women at the Bayou Oaks Apartments on Grimmett Drive turned into a shootout July 4th. In the end, a man was shot twice in the back. An 11 year old girl, who is said to have been an innocent bystander, was also wounded in the incident.

Witnesses told police they heard as many as 10 shots fired during the melee. The shooting happened around 3 p.m. Detectives the man was shot while attempting to break up a fight between two particular women. Both victims are said to be suffering from non life-threatening wounds.

At this time, investigators are unable to identify who fired shots or is responsible for shooting either victim. However, one suspect has been taken into custody. An investigation into the shooting is on going.

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