Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover will join Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty on tomorrow morning's show. Glover is expected to discuss a variety of issues, including accusations from political analyst Elliott Stonecipher that the administration is not following the law regarding the release of of public records.

This morning on 710 KEEL, Stonecipher said that he is trying to get public records from the city, but no one at city hall is complying with the law. A formal request for public records requires an answer within three days, but Stonecipher says he is still waiting, despite the fact that he submitted a request more than two weeks ago.

“We’re two weeks plus, and they’re still playing games,” he said. “(The Glover Administration doesn't) let the law bother them, they just don’t follow the laws.”

The documents in question are related to the Finish 3132 Coalition, of which Stonecipher has been a vocal supporter.

Mayor Glover's appearance on 710 KEEL will be a live, in-studio visit, and is scheduled to begin at 7:10 tomorrow (Wednesday, July 2) morning.