Political analyst Elliott Stonecipher has leveled strong accusations against Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover regarding the 3132 legal fight.

Stonecipher tells KEEL that he is trying to get public records from the city, but no one at city hall is complying with the law. A formal request for public records requires an answer within three days, but Stonecipher is still waiting and he submitted such a request more than two weeks ago.

"We're two weeks plus, and they're still playing games," he said. "[The Glover Administration doesn't] let the law bother them, they just don't follow the laws."

The alleged feet-dragging is related to the Finish 3132 Coalition, which Stonecipher has been a vocal supporter.

"This is all about a meeting that took place before the City Council meeting June 10 where, without the public there, the deals were cut for the vote that ended up green-lighting the building of houses in the route," said Stonecipher.

Stonecipher wants to know who was in attendance at the private meeting and if anyone has violated the law.

"What we found out was that nothing matters in terms of getting things done for Shreveport as long as he was there because...you either did what Cedric Glover wanted to do, or he fought you with city assets," he explained.

The analyst then claimed that Glover "ignored the rule of law" because there are "very specific things" promised to the mayor that he won't receive if things aren't done a specific way.

He stopped short of accusing the mayor of anything criminal, saying it would take an investigation.

Stonecipher has called for an investigation into the Mayor's actions regarding the roadway extension.

We have asked for the Mayor's response to Stonecipher's comments, but have not received a call back yet.

Listen to Robert and Erin's full interview with Elliott Stonecipher below.