Bossier City Police assisted by the Bossier Parish Coroner’s Office and LSU forensic anthropologist Mary Manheim continued the investigation today into human skeletal remains that were found last night in a wooded area in the 3100 block of East Texas Street. 

Manheim is director of the renowned LSU Forensic Anthropology and Computer Enhancement Services, or FACES, in Baton Rouge. She and several assistants traveled to Bossier City today and examined the remains at the scene. According to Manheim’s preliminary assessment, the remains appear to be those of a petite African-American woman approximately 25 to 40 years of age. Manheim also determined that the remains may have been at that located from approximately two months to a year. 

Manheim and her assistants collected the skeletal remains for more detailed analysis to be conducted at the FACES laboratory. The FACES Lab will work in conjunction with the Bossier Parish Coroner’s Office and Bossier City Police to determine a possible cause of death and make possible identification through dental records, DNA testing and other procedures. 

Bossier City Police are continuing their investigation which includes reviewing any open missing person cases the subjects of which fit Manheim’s preliminary assessment.