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City Council Takes First Step To Bring Uber to Shreveport
The Shreveport City Council has officially added Uber to the list of topics for their meeting November 21st. This is the first step in possibly bringing the company to town. For Uber to operate in the city, an ordinance would have to be passed by the City Council...
Mayor’s Veto Of Monetary Allocation Will Stand
The Shreveport City Council has voted to sustain Mayor Cedric Glover's veto last Friday of an ordinance passed by the council on the 9th.  That ordinance came about as the result of the council's raising AEP SWEPCO's franchise fee from 2-percent to 5-percent.  It set up a sp…
Bonds to be Sold
The Shreveport City Council has taken the first major step toward selling some of the bonds approved in the April second bond election.
Shopping Cross-over
Southeast Shreveport shoppers have been asking for it for quite some time. Now the city council has taken a major step toward making it happen. "it" is a vehicle and pedestrian cross-over between Sam's Club and the Target/University Place shopping complex...
Solid Waste Collection Fee
That $2.50 solid waste collection fee that everybody in Shreveport who receives a water bill had to start paying last month was repealed by the city council two weeks ago. However, that repeal doesn't take effect until today -- two weeks after Mayor Glover signed it.