Did you hear the one about the Cajuns driving down the road, when, suddenly, they see a huge alligator! The thing is, this time it's not a joke. It really happened to a pick-up full of fellas from Sulpher, when they spotted an 11 foot gator in the middle of the highway. So, what'd they do next? Why, they decided to move it!

"We took our shirts off, threw 'em on his face, and we were going to come from behind it and jump on it. But in the process of doing that, it spun around and grabbed my hand seconds before we jumped on it," said the leader of the four, Glen Bonin.

But the plan immediately began to come apart. The gator snapped at Bonin, who said the alligator's jaws “felt like someone was pulling my arm out.”

The incident, which was caught on video, shows the three friends throwing their T-shirts over the face of the reptile, which then twirls around and bites Bonin, who received an 80 stitch wound.

Amazingly, Bonin will recover completely from his encounter with the gator. In addition to the bite wound, he suffered only two broken fingers.