Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover has answered questions from critics about how the city has handled the 31-32 extension debate.

In an interview with Robert and Erin Wednesday morning, Glover addressed accusations from local demographer Elliott Stonecipher, who cried foul about the mayor's administration this week.

According to Stonecipher, his public information requests for information about a private meeting allegedly held before the open city council meeting on June 10 when the council made a decision on the 31-32 extension have gone unanswered for more than two weeks.

"There was no meeting that I am aware of," Glover told KEEL. "If there were council members or staff who assembled themselves and they were not numbered in more than three in terms of council members, that is something that they are perfectly empowered to do if the intent was how to approach addressing this matter."

Does such a meeting smell of a rat?

"No, no, it only smells of a rat if you end up with a situation and this goes back for three years where you've had conspiracy after conspiracy, accusation after accusation, story after story," Glover said. "They have all been debunked, none proven."

We asked the Mayor if the City Attorney attended such a meeting, wouldn't he have knowledge of that? He said not necessarily.

"To my knowledge, there was no meeting that I attended," he said.

Here is our entire interview with the Mayor: