An early morning fire at a two story apartment complex in Shreveport has injured five people. Shreveport Fire spokesman Scott Wolverton says firefighters were called at around 4:20 this morning to a fire at the Villa Marquis Apartments on Valley View between Marseille Drive and Joffrion Drive.

People were trying to evacuate and some were even jumping from the second floor balcony.  Wolverton told me on the scene that five people were injured, including a family of three, who was treated for smoke inhalation. A  57-year-old woman, who jumped from the second floor, fractured her ankle, and a pregnant woman in her mid 20s also  jumped to safety.

Wolverton says the woman, who appeared to be about six months pregnant,  initially refused to be taken to the hospital, but later said she was having pains and needed to be taken to a hospital for treatment.

Fire investigators were on the scene to gather evidence to try and determine the cause of the blaze. It was unknown this morning how the fire started.