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A big thank-you campaign for our overseas troops begins next week. September 30th marks the start of the 2013 American Red Cross "Holiday Mail for Heroes."

The program provices Americans with the opportunity to send holiday greetings and a note of thanks to our men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Between September 30th and December 6th, Americans can express their gratitude and best wishes for active duty military, National Guard, reserves, veterans and even the families of service members -- just by sending a card.

"It takes just a moment to sign and send a card to share your appreciation for the sacrifices members of the military community make every day," says Northwest Louisiana Project Leader Lisamarie Griffin. "This is a way we can all say thank you to these brave men and women who are serving and have served our country."

Holiday cards should be addressed and sent to:

Holiday Mail for Heroes

P.O. Box 5456

Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

Red Cross volunteers deliver the cards throughout the holiday season. The agency has distributed more than 6.5-million cards since the program began in 2006. If you'd like to host a card-signing party, or help distribute cards once they are received, call Lisamarie Griffin at (318) 865-9545.

The Red Cross also invites the public to connect with fellow card senders through and (#HolidayMail). They can also share photos and videos of their card signing efforts, or their holiday greeting for the troops, by using #HolidayMail on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine accounts. The Red Cross will use material posted on its sites throughout the holiday season.