I'm an avid golfer, and in all my years on the course, I've seen a number of unusual things. I've seen golfers hit in the head by balls coming from another fairway. I once saw a car swerve and drive into a ditch after having its windshield broken by an errant tee shot. And speaking of ditches, I was once in a golf cart that drove off a bridge into a lake. But I've never seen what happens to the poor fellow in this video.

He's Pablo Larrazabel, a professional golfer from Spain. And in last weeks tournament on the European Tour he was attacked - while in the fairway - by a swarm of hornets. Poor Pablo waved, swatted, backed up and ran...all to no avail. But then the ever wise Spaniard took his only other avenue of escape. He dove into a pond bordering the fairway.

By the way, young Larrazabel not only emerge from the water unharmed, sfter drying himself off, he birdied the hole!