They don't know how it happened yet, but Shreveport police do know who died in a one-vehicle wreck that happened on Clyde Fant Parkway Friday evening. They say 39-year-old Brett Shoebridge, a 1992 graduate of Parkway High School, was found inside his SUV after the vehicle flipped and landed on its roof.

Shoebridge was taken to LSU Hospital with life-threatening injuries and died yesterday morning. Investigators believe speed was a factor in the wreck, but its exact cause is still under investigation.

Shoebridge's death comes about eight years after the death of his brother, Brian. The Army Lieutenant was 36 years old when he was crushed by a car shortly after breaking up a fight while training in Missouri. He was in a coma for seven days before dying of severe head injuries.

Thoughts and prayers are going out today from numerous Parkway alumni and other local residents.