Caddo's new schools superintendent Dr. Lamar Goree spoke with the media this morning about a variety of topics pertaining to his new role in the Caddo Parish school system.

The primary tone of Dr. Goree's comments was that of communication, working together, and making sure that the school system is offering the best product it can.

One major point he made was that the ultimate goal was to find "the best possible resolution, solution, plan whatever we'd like to call it meets those needs."  Dr. Goree continued, "And I think when we do that, everyone has to be on board and I will tell you, with Ms. [Jackie] Lansdale and her organization [Red River United], I think that will happen."

While communication is important, it can be time-consuming.  Dr. Goree told the gathering that his goal is primarily to make sure the system is on the right path with the proper groundwork and everyone on the same page.

And he made it clear that those who are impatient need to work with him and the rest of the school system to make it work.

"Even from those people that want change yesterday, I need you to listen, understand, and respect the process and respect where we are going," stated Dr. Goree.  "And I really do believe that when we get out there in front of a situation we talk about it, we explain where we are going, people will understand or they'll understand why they choose to not understand I should say."

Money is also another issue.  The City of Shreveport is well known for its high property taxes, which can in large part be attributed to the Caddo Parish School Board.  But, Caddo schools still rank among the worst in both in the nation and here in the state.

How would Dr. Goree handle this?

"Your goal is to provide the best product at the best rate," the incoming superintendent responded.  "So, I do think that some of those conversations do have to happen."

He added the natural, but necessary headbutting that will take place between the budget, academics and operations to come up with the best solution for everyone.  Dr. Goree will also look into both consolidation and expansion across the parish.

The incoming superintendent did also talk about the Recovery School District and Fair Park High School.  Both are still in the consideration and planning stages, but no formal decisions yet.

However, Dr. Goree did mention that having successful programs and activities, like a successful football program, are things that should be looked into as stimulants to help failing schools succeed instead of cutting the programs.

Goree will take over the superintendent duties on December 1st.  His family is still in the process of moving from their home in Mansfield, Texas, to their native Shreveport.