Louisiana residents will have better health care thanks to a $20,000,000 grant that's being split up between eight health care institutions across the state. And, one of them is LSU-Health in Shreveport.

Dr. Terry Davis says she and Dr. Connie Arnold at LSU-Health are excited that their research to make Louisianians healthier will be funded over a five year period.

We got a great game changer grant. It's so novel. Eight institutions across Louisiana are going to be collaborating to improve health care...lower costs and boost economic development in Louisiana.

Dr. Davis says the money will be used for research in treating chronic illnesses that affect nearly everyone.  Diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and congestive heart failure, are among the ongoing health issues that will be studied.

"The grant was almost $20,000,000 awarded by the National Institutes of Health and what's so unique is for the first time researchers at major health care institutions in Louisiana are going to be collaborating to improve people's health in Louisiana."