Recent drowning and near-drowning incidents locally have prompted the American Red Cross to send out some water safety tips.

Learn How to Be Safe Around the Water with These American Red Cross Safety Tips:

1.  Learn to Swim.

2.  Swim in supervised areas only. Parents, never leave your child unattended.

3.  Know your swimming limits and stay within them.

4.  Obey "No Diving" signs.

5.  Watch out for the "dangerous too's" -- too tired, too cold, too far from safety, etc.

6.  Alcohol and swimming don't mix.

7.  Always swim with a buddy.

8.  Always wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket when boating and fishing.

9.  Do not chew gum or eat while you swim.

10.  Use common sense about swimming after eating.

We'll have more on those with local Red Cross Chapter Assistant Director Michelle Davison on tomorrow's KEEL Morning News.