A housekeeper was cleaning house and taking away more than dust. A former employee of a home cleaning service has been arrested by the Travis County Sheriff's office for allegedly stealing more than 100,000 worth of jewelry over the past year.

Travis County detectives say they  searched leadsonline and discovered that Todina Lombardo had been pawning stolen items. Second-hand stores, pawn shops and precious metal dealers around the country report electronic transactions to law enforcement via leadsonline. The information is instantly searchable, allowing detectives in Travis County and across the country to gather evidence and identify stolen property no matter how far the criminal travels.

The sheriff's office received information that Lombardo was allegedly attempting to flee to Florida, but they arrested her and brought her in for questioning. Lombardo implicated herself in a review of the evidence from leadsonline. She told detectives what property she stole from each specific house, allowing them to contact victims who had not yet realized their property was missing.