It took Shreveport firefighters more than 30 minutes to control a fire in a vacant house in the 2700 block of Bibb Street.  

The fire was reported just before 7:00 pm and wasn't declared under control until just after 7:30 pm.

When firefighters arrived 4 minutes after they got the call, they found heavy black smoke and flames coming from one side and the attic of a one-story wood-frame house.  They entered the house and tried to stop the spread of the fire into the attic space.  But they were hampered several renovations that hat created separate attic spaces and prevented them from stopping the spread of the fire.  Then the roof began to collapse and they had to pull out and fight the fire from the outside.  Fortunately, there were no injuries but the home suffered heavy damage.

Fire investigators say that, even though the home was vacant, it still had electricity connected to it.  So now they're trying to determine exactly what caused the fire.