Doppelganger: in fiction and folklore, a doppelgänger or doppelganger is a double of a living person. That's the definition, but would you be willing to take it step further? Celebrity doppelgangers, perhaps? Could a present day star bear a striking - almost eerie resemblance to one from the past?

Do you think superstar George Clooney looks like '30s heartthrob Clark Gable? Is the similarity between Scarlett Johansson  and Marilyn Monroe purely coincidental? Do the pouty, pretty boy good looks of James Franco remind you of the late James Dean? Is it pure chance that Batman star Christian Bale could easily pass for a young James Brolin?

There are fifteen 'Celebrity Doppelgangers' in all. Talk a look and see how many you think are purely accidental, or maybe something more. So, to see our dozen doppelgangers JUST CLICK HERE!

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