The movie "Campin' Buddies" will begin filming in Shreveport Bossier May 12.

"Campin Buddies" writer/director Tom Logan talked with KEEL News about the plan for the movie. We asked him why he chose Shreveport for the film, and it turns out family roots played a big part.

"I'm originally from Shreveport. I still have family there," said Logan. "The tax incentives also helped make the decision."

Logan himself has a long history in the showbiz world. He had a recurring role on "General Hospital" in the late 70s and early 80s during the "Luke and Laura" days.

The movie stars Don Most (you may remember him as Ralph Malph from "Happy Days") and Mel Tillis.

Logan will join us on KEEL Wednesday morning (April 2) to talk more about the movie.