Is another Shreveport-Bossier native headed to "The Voice"?  Palmer Page from Bossier City auditioned for the show over the weekend in Nashville, Tennessee.

It looks like it's still up in the air for Palmer whether he'll get another audition. Here's an update he shared on his Facebook page:

"Ok for those who knew (and those who didn't). This past weekend I went to Nashville to audition for 'The Voice.' They bring groups into a room in front of a producer, or another kind of judge, in groups of 10. Out of my group me and one girl were asked to stay behind for questions, or to sing another song.


We were both asked to sing another song, I went first. After we both sang our second song, she was dismissed and I was asked to stay behind. He asked me to come up to the table, where he told me he really liked my voice, but for now it was a 'maybe.' He said IF it was yes and they wanted me to come back to the call back, they would call me either Saturday night or Sunday. I have yet to receive a phone call, so I can only assume I have not made the call back. It was a long 6 hour process for me, filled with lots of laughs, surrounded by good people. All in all it was an enjoyable experience. I can say I was not feeling 100 percent, and I believe my 2nd song showed that. No excuses, God knows what he is doing, he has his plans, and I am just along for the ride!"

Page also tells me there's still a small chance he'll get a call back. He says there was a rumor going around Nashville that there's a private audition today for the actual Nashville locals, but he's not sure whether that's true or not. If it is, then there's still a chance he'll get a call back.

I met Palmer many years ago, while we were both doing karaoke at Rockin' Rodeo, and I know he's got the chops to make it through on a show like "The Voice." Though he can sing just about anything, his focus now is on country music. He's been the frontman for local bands 3 Chord Truth and Palmer and the Panhandlers, and is now living in Richland, Mississippi. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that the next audition really happens.

As for Shreveport rocker Chris Benefield, he says he didn't make it through to a second audition. But we'll certainly be pulling for him to try again in the future.

Shreveport Rocker Heading to 'The Voice' Audition